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On your quest for wealth and your journey to the promised land, this book will expedite and fuel your trip.

Many noble efforts at wealth have failed dismally and the average person wonders why and how they have failed or why the journey seems so impossible. While yet the opportunities are evident, it seems the means with which to access those opportunities and the wealth are beyond reach.

  • Wondering why God should help you get wealthy?
  • Wondering why your efforts at money or wealth are not yielding the result you are expecting or hoping for?
  • Wondering why you are failing to make progress on the wealth scale?

This book will help you understand the flow of wealth, your current situation and how you can move ahead. It will help you understand why you are where you are currently. Wealth will flow in our lives when we understand certain things and it will not flow if we have certain attitudes or lack certain understanding.

Sharing the secrets and principles that will unlock your thinking and situation, unleash the power to make wealth, open your eyes and cause you to progress.



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