Every new season demands your personal growth. You can’t pour new wine into an old wine skin. The new season coming to you, demands and needs a “new” you. We should never stop desiring to grow. If there is going to be progress in our lives, we should desire to grow ourselves. If you are going to be effective in your life you should aim to develop yourself.

Self-development creates the capacity in you for the new season and new things coming into your life. When you develop yourself you are more useful to those around you and you learn to empower those around you. So your personal development can end up inspiring and empowering the people around you

Personal development is good in that it challenges you out of your comfort zone pushing you to exciting territories by self-discovery.
Personal development can come in many forms; it can be intellectual, spiritual, social and business/career. It is best when it is well rounded and covering all aspects of your life. It is not good for your career to be flying while you marriage is falling apart.

The main goal for personal development is to make you more effective and better equipped to tackle your life purpose. So never pass any opportunity for development because some development is not planned for but is spontaneous and when that happens be ready for that opportunity to grow.

By Dr. Ned Nedziwe

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