Training Programs and Calendars

KWN is an event and training driven Network pushing its members forward by its excellent training programs.
Please see the Annual Training Calendar and sign up to attend on a date that suits you.

Certificate Courses

1. School of Purpose*
2. School of Wealth*
3. The John Maxwell Leadership Class*

    * These are :
      Courses with Graduation
      Course not formally registered
      Paid courses

Monthly Training

Some of the classes:

  • Identifying your Purpose
  • Identifying your Giftedness
  • Writing your Business Plan
  • Developing your Life Plan
  • Setting Up a Business & Corporate Structure
  • The Generational Thinker
  • Managing a Social Media & Crisis
  • Book Study
  • Building your Property Portfolio
  • The Mystery of Capital
  • Building your Brand
  • Growing your Influence
  • Define your legacy, unlock your gift, fulfill your purpose
  • Creating Generational Wealth Systems

Fellow Only Programs

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