Scripture (Acts 20:35) says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Nature teaches that it is better to serve and help others rather than self.
Faye Foundation is the charitable foundation supporting orphans, school fees, soup kitchens and water purification filters.

Faye Foundation
FBC Bank
FBC Centre Acc No : 6170 031 190 168

If are donating from outside Zimbabwe kindly email us before making a payement so that we can provide the required swift codes

If donating in kind please email us

To pay for various goods and services, please use the following information.
This includes payments for events, seminars, store products (books, CDs, DVDs)

You can pay by
1. Transfer to KWN Network, Account 02121 49094 0042, CBZ Bank, Selous Ave Branch.
2. Ecocash to 0779 503 545
3. You can also swipe at our Dominion Park offices

After any payment, please kindly send us your proof of payment by email us or by WhatsApp +263 779 503 545

Please kindly advise us how you would like to take delivery of any physical goods like books i.e. whether you will collect or we should deliver to you.

We are working on an on line payment solution



Talk to us via the several channels we have available. Feel free to chat, comment, enquire, seek help, critique or make suggestions below.