We are “other” focused. In other words, we place others in a place of importance and we are not selfish. We recognize that wealth is about others and not about us. We are beneficiaries of the wealth we command as a secondary purpose. The primary purpose of wealth is to help others in needs, such as a child needing school fees or medication or even food. We believe wealth is “other” focused.
Accordingly members are required to take on a project to help others either on their own or with other members.


Our usual projects include school fees, soup kitchens, water filters & orphanages, though we do not limit the scope.

  • Soup kitchens are designed to feed the hungry and provide meals for them. The program also targets and provides a meal to needy school children at schools. This is a response to the clear and desperate hunger we are witnessing.
  • This program provides temporary relief and assistance to the needy. While we agree that it is critical to teach the hungry to fish, it is also important to provide them the fishing rod and a dam stocked with fish to fish and also ensure they do not die before catching the fish and cooking it!
  • Water projects include the provision of wells to needy communities. The water is purified through special reuseable filters thus making it fit for drinking. The impact of this is clearly healthier communities by elimination of water borne diseases.
  • School fees – KWN and its members are required to adopt a school child or more and sponsor their education on a short term or temporary basis to long term.
  • My Brother, My Sister Project – is designed to provide mentoring and couching to younger disadvantaged youngsters by our members becoming bigger brothers and sister to them.
  • Orphanages – in partnership with Royale Developments who provide us with land and or houses, we are building house based orphanages. They will operate on a family model providing a father, mother and siblings.


Current and coming projects

  • Soup kitchen – Arcadia Harare. Domboshawa
  • Orphanage – Spitzkop, Chinhoyi
  • Fees – sponsor disadvantaged children
  • Water – water wells & water filters
  • My Brother, My Sister Project – mentoring youth


KWN partners with its members, corporates, churches etc. in different projects, because together we can do more and our impact is more meaningful.

Anyone, including non members and non partners can partner, sponsor and or donate to a project of their choice at any point.



Talk to us via the several channels we have available. Feel free to chat, comment, enquire, seek help, critique or make suggestions below.